Vanilla Bean Infused Jojoba Oil


gentle botanical goodness for sensitive skin


Vanilla Bean Infused Jojoba Oil

As I’ve got older, my skin has become quite reactive.  I’ve always had sensitive skin, and I need to be careful with what I use.

This includes some essential oils and the amounts used in products.


Essential oils can play a wonderful role in supporting our well-being.  But we do need to remember they’re also an extremely concentrated group of chemicals and are to be used with caution.  If you have sensitive skin, you may have noticed that your skin doesn’t cope very well with products containing certain essential oils or artificial fragrances.


I find less is more with sensitive skin.


Having sensitive skin doesn’t always mean you have to miss out on therapeutic botanical goodness. Using infused oils brings lots of herbal benefits in a more gentle form with less chance of causing a reaction.


Infused oils are created by placing certain botanicals in a glass jar with a carrier oil, e.g. Jojoba, Olive or Sweet Almond oil and allowing time for the oil-soluble properties to infuse into the oil.  Generally, this takes 4 – 6 weeks.  After this time, the plant material is strained, giving a gentle healing botanical infused oil.


Using infused oils can be a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin (keeping in mind any plant allergies that you may have).

Some infused oils have a light scent when aromatic botanicals are used, and the aroma is not as strong compared to essential oils.  But the gift is that infused oils contain valuable healing properties which have transferred from the plant that can beautifully nourish the skin.



If you’d love both a gorgeous scent and a gentle oil to use on your skin, then you can’t go past Jojoba infused with vanilla beans.  Think exotic sweetness and skin-nourishing goodness.



Jojoba is a beautiful oil for all skin types.  It has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties and supports the skin’s natural pH balance. It also contains vitamins E and B, and is an excellent moisturiser for hair, nails and skin, including the face.




Vanilla Bean Infused Jojoba Oil



:  250 ml organic jojoba oil

:  3-4 organic, fair-trade vanilla beans

:  Glass jar with lid (that will hold 250 ml of oil + beans), clean and sterilised

:  Cheesecloth

:  Glass bottle + lid (to store infused jojoba oil)

:  Sticky labels




Begin by making one long slice lengthwise down the vanilla bean.  Scoop out the vanilla seeds and place in your sterilised jar.  Cut the bean into small pieces and place in the jar with the seeds.  Continue with the rest of the beans.

Pour 250 ml Jojoba oil into the jar and tightly seal with the lid.

Label and leave in a warm, safe place away from direct sunlight.

Leave to infuse for approx. 4 – 6 weeks (the longer left, the more aromatic the oil will be).  Every 2 – 3 days, you can gently shake the jar from side to side to mix the beans with the oil.

When ready, strain the infused jojoba oil through a cheesecloth.  The vanilla bean seeds may come through the cheesecloth.  If you are worried about this, you can use a double layer of cheesecloth to catch them.  I don’t mind some seeds coming through as they generally sit on the bottom of the jar.

SEED TIP: when you’re nearly finished, you can use the last remaining oil with the seeds as a gentle facial exfoliant.

Decant into a dark glass bottle with a secure lid.  Store away from heat and direct sunlight.


Vanilla Bean Infused Jojoba Oil



Use this gorgeously light aromatic oil of vanilla bean infused Jojoba as a facial oil and body oil.  Massage over your body straight after a shower or bath while the skin is still damp.  This helps lock in added hydration.

Divine in the summer months to nourish the skin after being out in the sun or surf.

You can also use it in recipes to make lip balms, body butters and body oil blends.  Delish.



Watch this space!

This decadent skin-nourishing oil will definitely be included in the new body products I’ll be releasing in 2020 😉🌼.


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Published on November 22, 2019