Quiescent Hydrosol – Lavender


Calming, Cleansing, Balancing, Healing

100 ml pure Lavender hydrosol / aromatic water

When possible, we pick our Lavender straight from our very own spray-free, wild-crafted aromatic garden.  We only use English and French varieties to distill in our beautiful copper Alembic Still.

Lavender hydrosol is extremely versatile and is the number one ‘go-to’ hydrosol because of its many uses.

Calming and cooling to body, mind, and spirit.  Use as a body mist, facial toner, or room spray.  Eases bites and stings and soothes minor burns.



Scent description

Sweet, Softly Floral + Honeyed Herbal Undertone



Steam distilled – flowering tops


Support your well-being naturally

Enjoy the essence of pure aromatherapy.  Knowing what you’re smelling and using is natural, pure + synthetic free and can improve your overall well-being.

This beautiful healing hydrosol has been specifically distilled for the hydrosol, not as a co-product or even a by-product of distillation.  We specifically distill using only fresh plant material that has been picked at the right time of day along with using the moon calendar as guidance and we only use purified water.

Enjoy this artisan and natural boutique product that has been made by us.


How to use

Perfect for all skin types!  The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender hydrosol can benefit problem skin and acne.  It also makes a wonderful wound wash for cuts and scrapes.

  • Spritz over bed linen and pillow for a restoring night’s sleep.
  • As a facial spray, it is balancing and toning to all skin types. Generously mist on face, neck, and décolletage after cleansing.
  • Mist to ease anxiety, irritability, stress, mental fatigue, and depression.
  • Apply as a compress, or gently mist to soothe irritated or skin that has minor burns. Very cooling to sunburned skin.
  • Add to the water phase in skin care products.
  • Beautiful when used to replace water with clay facial masks.
  • Cleansing and healing when used as a wound wash.
  • Relieves itchy skin.



Our Quiescent products are 100% natural and contain no chemical preservatives.  As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

The shelf life of hydrosols is generally up to 2 years or longer when properly stored in the refrigerator.


Safety considerations

Hydrosols contain small quantities of the volatile base essential oils.  The essential oils themselves may have contraindications associated with them, but as a hydrosol are completely safe to use without further dilution.


Please note

Therapeutic plant oils possess a wide range of healing properties that can be used effectively to support your health + wellbeing.  However, the information here is not intended to substitute the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

Remember you should consult with a qualified Aromatherapist about essential oil usage and always inform your primary care physician what you are using as they may not be conducive to his/her prescribed therapy and medications.


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Published on January 28, 2018