Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts



Skin-soothing Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts are deliciously moisturising, and a luxurious treat for your skin.



I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately, and my self-care has slipped a little over the last couple of months.  I wanted to make something easy to use, yet left me feeling nurtured and restored.,


I love the invigorating feeling that body scrubs give, but my skin also needed some TLC.  So, I decided to combine incredible skin-soothing properties of oats, skin healing and calming therapeutics of lavender with the high mineral nourishment of dead sea salt along-with skin softening and protecting goodness of cocoa butter and coconut oil.

The dual action of the polish and melt worked well, helping to restore skin health by boosting the circulation and lymphatic systems as well as softening, moisturising and protecting the skin.

I have used these Body Polish Melts in the shower and bath.  But I particularly love the quiet time a bath can give.  Turn off your phone, turn down the lights, and give yourself the gift of some much-needed downtime while your skin is soothed and softened and your soul is recharged.




Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts

What you need 
  • 42 g Cocoa Butter
  • 36 g Coconut Oil
  • 30 g Dead Sea Salt
  • 8.4 g Organic Oats (skin soothing and offers skin barrier repair)
  • 3.6 g Lavender Blossom – dried
  • Silicone moulds (little muffin mould works great)

(makes approx 6 small Body Polish Melts)


  1. Have your silicone moulds clean and ready to be used.
  2. Place a small pot containing a few inches of water on the stove on a low heat.
  3. Weigh the dried lavender blossom and oats and grind to a fine powder.  You can do this by using a coffee grounder or a pestle and mortar.  Place to one side.
  4. Weigh the dead sea salt and put to one side.
  5. Next weigh the cocoa butter and coconut oil and place in a heatproof glass bowl, jug or jar (a Pyrex jug works great for this).  Position over the pot like a double-boiler so the butter and oil can gently melt without coming into contact with any water.
  6. Slowly melt the butter and oil together and remove from the heat.
  7. Gently pour the fine powder of lavender and oats into the melted butter and oil.  Carefully blend together using a small whisk.
  8. Then pour the measured dead sea salt into the mixture and gently stir all together.
  9. Pour the mixture into the silicone moulds and place in the fridge until solid.
  10. Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.  During the warmer months you may need to keep the Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts in the fridge.


Even though the lavender blossom and oats have been ground to a fine powder you will notice that they’ll settle at the bottom of the Body Polish Melt along-with the salt while setting.  That’s exactly what we want.  It gives you one side to use as the body polish and the other with the butter and oil goodness to moisturise over your skin.




These handy Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts can be used in the shower or the bath.



After running a bath, drop a Lavender and Oat Body Polish Melt into the warm water and gently slip into the tub.  Massage the Body Polish Melt using the polish side over your legs, feet and arms to invigorate the skin and awaken the circulation.

Then let the Body Polish Melt dissolve into the warm water releasing the lavender and oat powder and skin-loving oil and butter.

Immerse yourself in the goodness and soak until you feel satisfied and thoroughly nurtured.  You’ll notice a beautiful film of moisturising and protecting goodness covering your skin.



If you like, set an intention while you’re soaking in the bath.

Lavender gently encourages balance and calm while oats soothe and relax your nerves.

Ask what will bring more balance to your life and what it is you need to let go off?



Be careful when leaving the bath since the oil and butter will make the tub very slippery.  Softly pat yourself dry using a towel so as not to remove the skin-protecting butter and oil.


The lavender and oat powder is very easy to clean from the bath.  But if you prefer you can place the Body Polish Melt in a muslin bag/cloth to catch the lavender and oat particles.




Once in the shower, use the polish side to awaken the circulation over feet, legs, and arms.  Then use the other side to massage over your skin sealing in hydration.  Gently rinse the fine powder off your skin under the shower and softly pat yourself dry with a towel so as not to remove the skin-protecting butter and oil.


I have purposely left out adding essential oils to my Lavender and Oat Body Polish Melts, but you are welcome to add if you wish.  I prefer not to use essential oils on a daily basis and save them for when I really need an emotional or physical ally.  Essential oils are incredibly concentrated, potent and precious.  There are many gentler ways of including botanicals in your daily self-care routines.  This way we are not overloading our systems and I know our skin and liver will thank us for it.

If you do wish to use essential oils, I would suggest adding 12 drops (1% dilution) lavender essential oil to the above formula.



Enjoy x



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Published on October 21, 2019