Lavender Blossom Infused Coconut Oil


Lavandula angustifolia + Lavandula x intermedia spp

Sweet. Herbaceous. Floral.

Lavender is one of my favourite aromatic herbs. 

Her healing virtues are wide, the aroma is unique and the bees are mesmerised by her.


Lavender harvesting


Lavender has the wonderful ability to soothe, cool and place our feet back on the ground supporting us with all that life throws our way. 

You don’t need to have her aromatic essential oil in a burner to take advantage of her healing power.  You can just gently squeeze one of the fragrant blossoms between your fingers and take a deep inhale of the scent to welcome her emotional support.

I find her hugely comforting, reaching deep down to bring a calmer, more grounded awareness. I wouldn’t be without lavender growing in my garden.

Life can throw all sorts at us and lavender can become a steady ally among the busyness.

Sadly, lavender can often be overlooked and under-rated.  Some are even turned off due to the artificial fragrance of lavender used in many toiletries from yesterday.  It is a loss to those that do dismiss her as her special healing properties are vast, wide and extremely supportive.

  • Traditionally used to imbue courage and strength, lavender is a favourite herb to strengthen the heart and ease stress.
  • Her legendary cleansing and healing properties soothe and cool inflamed skin conditions, irritations and minor burns.
  • Lavender hydrosol is a treasured ally in the summer months to spritz over your face to soothe, cool and refresh the skin.
  • Perfect in a massage blend the analgesic properties of lavender help relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • Supportive when used in an oil blend to soothe a headache, migraine and tension.
  • Her antiviral + decongestant properties help alleviate respiratory illness.
  • Lavender’s gentle sedative action encourages the mind and body to relax, restoring a state of balance and sense of calm.
Lavender infused Coconut Oil

I have a few different species of lavender growing in my garden.  I use lavender to make Quiescent’s botanical hydrosols (aka aromatic water) and infused oils.


I’ve also used lavender to make an aromatic skin loving coconut oil.  It is a true treat especially if your skin is dry and suffering from hot weather or swims in the ocean.


Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera) is a great choice for using as a body moisturiser. It soothes, softens, moisturises and protects your skin.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and softens in the warmer summer months and heat.  It’s a very stable oil and is high in fatty acids + saturated fat.  It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, anti-oxidant and protective properties.

Always make sure you purchase organic and unrefined coconut oil.  This way you are supporting organic practices and using an oil that is pure on your body. 


I’ve recently discovered a source of ethically produced organic coconut oil from a family-owned small business right here in New Zealand. They are called Purecoco if you want to check them out here.



If you have lavender growing in your garden or know someone that does and doesn’t mind sharing 😊 you can harvest some of the lavender blossoms to make your own skin decadent lavender infused coconut oil.



Gentle Botanical Skin Goodness

You will need to harvest your lavender blossoms in the morning of a sunny day and they need to dry completely before making the infused oil.  If you are unsure how to dry lavender you can read an earlier post … How to Make an Infused Oil of Lavender


Using infused oils can be a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin and prefer to avoid using essential oils (keeping in mind any plant allergies that you may have).


With this recipe I used the quick stove top method for infusing, however, you can also use the traditional slow method (as outlined here) if you prefer.

  • 240 ml (1 cup) organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil
  • 12 grams lavender blossom (dried)
  • Double boiler (or Pyrex jar that can be placed in a pan with a small amount of water), insert clean and sterilised
  • Cheese or fine muslin cloth
  • Stainless steel fine-mesh strainer
  • Glass bottle + lid, clean and sterilised (to store infused coconut oil)
  • Sticky label

Begin by finely chopping up the dried lavender blossoms and place in the double boiler insert or Pyrex jug.  You can also place the lavender in the processor to finely chop if you prefer.


Measure out 240 ml or 1 cup of coconut oil and place in the boiler insert or Pyrex jug with the chopped lavender.


Place the boiler insert or jug over a pot with a few inches of water.  Put the pot over a very low burner and gently heat for around 4-6 hours.


Keep an eye on things while you do this to ensure the water does not evaporate or the oil gets too hot.  You just want a low steady heat without boiling.


After 4-6 hours, remove boiler insert or Pyrex jug from pot with water and strain using the stainless steel strainer with a layer of cheese or muslin cloth over it (to catch any tiny particles of lavender), into the glass jar. Secure lid tightly.


Discard plant material (if you have a compost you can put them in there 😊).


Prepare label noting the name of your herb (lavender), the oil that you used and the date decanted.


Store in a cool, dry location away from light, heat and moisture. The infused oil should keep for at least a year if stored properly.


TIP: One thing to be aware of is never let water anywhere near your oil as this may cause the oil to spoil and go rancid, so make sure that all the containers you use are completely dry.



Lavender’s aroma is fresh, clean and soothing.

Lavender’s common and scientific name originates from lavare, the Latin word for wash or bathe.  and was often associated with cleanliness ever since the Romans added it to their bath water. 


Be aromatically cleansed and soothed.

After a shower or bath massage this nourishing aromatic oil of lavender infused coconut oil over your body.

It’s best to just lightly pat yourself dry and apply the oil while your skin is still slightly wet as this helps seal in the water boosting skin hydration.

Lavender Blossom Infused Coconut Oil

The gentle properties of lavender will cool + soothe any skin irritation, minor sunburn and insect bites while also benefiting emotionally from the aromatic virtues.


This infused oil is perfect to use before going to bed as its therapeutic aroma will gently unwind your thoughts and support a restful sleep.


Also, ideal to use in the summer months to nourish the skin after being in the sun or surf.


You can also use lavender infused coconut oil in recipes to make salves, balms, body butters and body oil blends. 


This decadent skin-nourishing oil will be included in one of my new botanical body products I’ll be releasing in 2020.

I am looking forward to introducing my new botanical range very soon 🌿.


Mel x


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Published on February 10, 2020