Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts

OCTOBER 2019   Skin-soothing Lavender + Oat Body Polish Melts are deliciously moisturising, and a luxurious treat for your skin.     I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately, and my self-care has slipped a little over the last couple of months.  I wanted to make something easy to use, yet left me feeling nurtured and [Read the full article]

Orange Pomanders for Winter Solstice

This year, on Friday 21st June it will be winter solstice for the southern hemisphere. So, what is winter solstice? Basically, it’s when the sun is travelling on its lowest arc in the sky, which then gives us the shortest day of the year (the length of time where sunrise and sunset is at its [Read the full article]

How to Make Your Own Potpourri

With so many artificial fragrances out in the market today it is easy to forget a time-honoured tradition of making your own natural fragrance for your home. We can get so caught up in the convenience of using a synthetic scent whether it is in a candle, spray or ‘plug-in’ (yuck!), that we forget the [Read the full article]

How Do You Use a Hydrosol?

You’ve probably heard me mention hydrosols a few times over the past year.  These special waters are also known as Aromatic Waters and they have become one of my favourite things to use.   Using a hydrosol is ideal if you’re looking for a safer alternative to using essential oils every day.  You’ll still be [Read the full article]

My Favourite Oils for the Face

I’ve been spending time researching oils that look after our facial skin helping to keep it healthy, nourished and as youthful as possible. I’m creating my own blend of facial elixirs to use in my treatments as well as adding to my Quiescent botanical product range. There is a whole other ‘oily’ world out there [Read the full article]

Make Your Own Lavender + Rose Botanical Bath Blend

If you’ve got a bath for two, here’s something special you can make for Valentine’s Day … or for any day where you’d love some relaxing botanical pampering.   I’ve created a botanical bath blend using dried lavender and rose petals.  I’ve also included rolled oats in the recipe as they’re wonderful at calming and [Read the full article]

PLANTAIN – Skin Healer in your Garden

I know for many, Plantain is considered a weed.  A few years ago, I used to think that too, until recently.   With the knowledge that I’ve gained from my herbal studies, I’ve completely changed my mind.   For the first time, I’m actually really pleased to see these ‘weeds’ growing in my garden!  There’s [Read the full article]

How to Make Plantain Infused Oil

In the summer time, you’ll probably notice an abundance of plantain in your garden and lawns. If you’re not sure what plantain is you can read my post on Plantain – Skin Healer in your Garden. I’ve learnt to really value this plant who readily grows in our garden.  I don’t see her as a [Read the full article]

How to Make an Infused Oil of Lavender

This time of year you may be enjoying having lavender in your garden. Apart from how beautiful lavender looks and seeing the bees loving it too, you can also use your lavender to create a beautiful therapeutic herbal oil. You can do this by infusing the lavender blossoms in a nourishing base oil like organic [Read the full article]

Spring Renewal with Essential Oils

By Melanie Harrison   It’s Spring!   I love this time of year.  The energy changes and you start to feel open to new possibilities.  Seeing plants in the garden with fresh growth as well as colourful blooms popping up with bees buzzing around just makes you feel good.   Spring is a great time [Read the full article]