About Quiescent

Hi there, my name is Melanie

Q_157I’ve gained international Diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage and I’m a member of the New Zealand Association Register of Holistic Aromatherapists (NZROHA). I’m also qualified in Myofascial Release Therapy and Facial Radiance™ and I’m constantly updating my knowledge and skills so I can offer you the best service and most up-to-date advice.

Here’s where I can help you.

  • You’d love a healing + professional massage where you can relax as well as have your muscular aches and pains eased.
  • You’re interested in using aromatherapy to help with a particular condition you’re experiencing (physical or emotional). Quiescent bespoke aromatherapy products are blended by hand using the highest quality pure oils and are completely tailored to you and your needs.
  • You’d love to receive an incredibly relaxing massage of the face, head + neck, which will leave you totally relaxed with a great sense of well-being. Plus you’ll see that your face has lifted and has a beautiful radiant glow!
  • You’re interested in using natural skin care products.

Why is Quiescent different?

  • I’m totally committed to you and your treatment. My focus is on you. You and your time are precious and I respect that.
  • You’re an individual – not just another massage.
  • I have international qualifications and I’m involved in on-going personal development so I can best meet your needs.
  • Quiescent is in a boutique environment with quality products.
  • Follow-up and ongoing treatment plans tailored for you.

I will listen, ask questions and spend time with you so that I can put together the best treatment plan that will meet your specific needs. This means, if you’ve scheduled a 60 minute massage you’ll receive 60 minutes of hands-on care!  I factor in an additional 15 minutes before and after your appointments so that you’re never rushed.  Your improvement and feedback matters to me which is why I like to follow up with you the day after the initial treatment to check how you’re doing since receiving your treatment at Quiescent. This is an opportunity for you to share any additional feedback so that I can make your next session even better and more customised to your needs – such as massage pressure, areas focused on, room temperature, and the oil blend used during your treatment. I also maintain comprehensive treatment notes for each of your sessions so that I can track your progress and the effectiveness of your treatments. You will always be treated as an individual with the upmost respect and privacy.

What should you expect when you come to see me?

At Quiescent my focus is to give you the highest level of care. Your treatment will always begin with a consultation which will initially include details on your medical history, diet, lifestyle and any general health concerns. During your treatment your body will be covered at all times with soft towels, with the exception of the area I’m working on. I take pride in using only the purest, organic, medicinal grade oils and Aromaflex is my main supplier. Aromaflex oils are ECO CERT, BIO GRO Certified (New Zealand’s leading assurance on organic certification standards). They support New Zealand made and New Zealand grown. Aromaflex is100% PURE which means:

  • No synthetic esters
  • No emulsifying agents
  • No petrol-based dilutents such as mineral oils, dipropyleneglyco, phthalates
  • No synthetic additives
  • No deodorants
  • No colourants
  • No deterpenated oils

Just pure medicinal grade oils and that’s all!

For your treatment a blend of oils will be chosen or can be created specifically for you. Depending on your problem you will be given the option of purchasing aromatherapy to continue using at home – for example, if you are suffering from stress you might find it beneficial to have a relaxing essential oil blend for your oil burner at home, or a blend to use while you soak in the bath.

After the first treatment, I will give you a ‘Quiescent After Care Advice’ leaflet to take home to read. This will tell you about possible ‘after effects’ that you may experience as well as suggestions to help you gain maximum benefit from your treatment.

A drink of chilled mineral water will always be offered to you after your treatment.

Other products which I use and stock at Quiescent which I know you’ll love are:

  • Martina Organics – pure organic skin care products
  • Azurlis Natural Skin Care – holistic, natural & organic botanical skin care
  • Bestow Beauty – a philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health and outer beauty.
  • Quiescent Soy Tea Lights – hand-poured, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, unscented
  • Plus more! A Quiescent ‘Shop’ will be coming very soon!

I’d like to share with you:

Since including massage and aromatherapy into my life I’ve experienced a huge improvement in my own health. These improvements have been subtle but quite powerful. I’ve noticed I don’t fall victim to the seasonal cold or flu that can go around (like I used to), and now, whenever I feel a cold is ‘lurking,’ I burn essential oils that contain anti-viral, anti-septic + anti-bacterial properties in my oil burner and the next day I’m feeling good again!! (Hint – tea-tree, thyme + eucalyptus blue gum essential oils are great for this). Also, using anti-viral + anti-bacterial oils in a burner or diffuser is helpful at preventing the spread of viruses and germs to other family members.

Aromatherapy can also play a part in balancing emotions and hormones. I’ve been using aromatherapy blends + synergies especially for this purpose and over time I can look back and see there’ve been gradual but definite improvements in how I feel, and I now cope with life’s ups-and-downs in a much more positive and optimistic way. The more I use and learn about plants and their oils the more I’m amazed and respectful of what nature has to offer. Our bodies recognise what is found in nature more than what is synthetic or man-made. It’s so important to be mindful about what we use on and what we put in our bodies as I truly believe this has an impact on our health.

The therapeutic value of massage both physically and emotionally should never be underestimated. A holistic massage treatment brings about a deep relaxation and encourages your whole body to begin to function better, from the nervous system to the digestive system. The aches + pains that can build up and cause stress and inflammation in your body can be kept at bay with regular treatments – which I can’t recommend enough! If you do want to be serious about looking after yourself and your health I believe regular massage treatments are an important investment to make and can be seen as a ‘preventative’ and an essential element of your overall health maintenance plan. Along with good nutrition, exercise and rest, massage relaxes tense muscles and stimulates your body’s communication lines to help it do its job — and to keep you feeling and looking your best. I promise you’ll notice an improvement in your health, your immune system, lymphatic system, muscular aches + pains and nervous system. Holistic massage and aromatherapy treats the ‘Whole Person’ – Your Body, Mind and Soul in unison.

I’m also devoted to raising the profile and awareness of clinical aromatherapy + massage as valuable time-honoured methods of therapy which can be used to enhance and compliment other methods of treatments.

I would love you to contact me to make an appointment!

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