About Quiescent


Botanical.  Bespoke.  Therapeutic.



(A mid-17th century Latin word meaning- ‘being still’)


Melanie Harrison is the founder / creator of Quiescent, a small batch distillery, apothecary and treatment room at New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Quiescent products are hand-crafted and made with love and great care by qualified clinical aromatherapist, Melanie who is also certified in Holistic Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Botanical Body Care Products Certification, Reiki II, and … herbalist and gardener in training.


Quiescent Melanie Harrison


Her botanical creative hub, which houses her husbands copper alembic still, resides in her back garden surrounded by aromatic and herbal plants that she uses in her products.  This is where Quiescent’s infused oils, butters, balms, natural scents and botanical waters (hydrosols) are crafted.


Melanie’s treatments are professional and bespoke and she uses plant’s therapeutic properties to enhance her massages.  Her treatment room is clean, quiet and private with a beautiful fresh boutique ambience where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed.


Quiescent is a result of Melanie tuning in to her passion to work with plants and their powerful healing abilities.  Her focus is on simplistic and natural, following the moon calendar and seasons for guidance and working with the earth and plants natural rhythm and balance. 


“My soul comes alive when I am surrounded by my plants, listening to the bees and knowing my little patch of earth and its inhabitants are protected and taken care of as much as possible.

Our business has evolved into a particular way of being.  To a thinking of ‘less is more’ and a slower gentle approach of working with the plants and oils.  I respect and love aligning with an intuitive art and wisdom that has been passed down from generations of healers and makers.

It is our intention that every one of our products is infused with an energy that nurtures this way of being and gently inspires reconnection”.



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