Are you looking for a qualified massage therapist and clinical aromatherapist who….
cares about you and your treatments, ….
who is professional and offers a reputable, confidential and friendly environment, ….
who believes in nature and natural products, and is passionate about what she does?
Then we’re a match!

Hey, I’m Melanie and I’m internationally qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy + Holistic Massage and I’m also trained in Myofascial Release Therapy and Facial RadianceTM.

I’ve always had a passion for botanicals and their vast healing abilities.

My mission is to improve your overall sense of wellness through therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and botanical products.

My treatment room is clean, quiet and private with a beautiful fresh boutique ambiance where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed.

I would love you to contact me to make an appointment!  I promise you’ll always be treated as an individual and I’ll always give 100% of my time to you and your appointment.

 I can assure you you’re in qualified + professional hands at Quiescent!

So, What Are You Needing Help With?

Do you …..

  • Need relief from those annoying aches + pains you’ve been noticing?
  • Want to be more balanced and rested emotionally and physically? Would you love to have a sense of calm and wellness?
  • Crave for some ‘time out’ where nobody is bothering you – where you can relax and have a moment of ‘stillness + quiet’ in your busy life?
  • Wish to ‘hop’ out of bed in the mornings after having a great night’s sleep knowing you can face the day and whatever it may bring?
  • Need some help in supporting your immune system because you’ve been feeling ‘run-down’ lately and always seem to be catching that cold or flu going around?
  • Do you want to use aromatherapy at home with confidence knowing that what you’re using for you and your family is pure and authentic?

With the restorative powers of both massage and clinical aromatherapy I can definitely help in all these areas and more! Plus I can assure you my treatments are always conducted in a warm, caring, confidential and professional environment with a focus on improving your overall sense of health + wellness.

Quiescent Menu For You

  • Holistic and aromatherapy massage treatments and consultations.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy – an extremely effective treatment for releasing adhesions and restrictions.
  • Individualised + bespoke aromatherapy treatments – tailored just for you!
  • Facial Radiance™ experience – a beautiful facial and head massage technique that is deeply relaxing and focuses on the meridian lines and muscles of the head and facial areas.
  • Therapeutic oil blends to use at home to help with any issues + conditions you are experiencing.
  • Plus, a range of natural and unique health and beauty products.